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    POSITION:  Heavy Equipment Operator I
    DEPARTMENT:  Parks
    SALARY:  $12.44
    OPEN:  02-22-22
    CLOSE:  Open Until Filled  


    Roy City is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in employment or the provision of services. If you have special needs, please call (801) 774-1000. The Human Resource Office will provide reasonable accommodations for any applicant during the examination and selection process.



    Performs a variety of working level semi-skilled duties related to the construction, installation, maintenance, upkeep and repair of city buildings, cemetery, recreation facilities, parks, grounds and general environs. 

    Works under the general supervision of the Parks Superintendent, Parks Foreman and Parks Equipment Operator II while in training or on a project-by-project basis.

    Performs routine building maintenance; assists to construct and maintain bowery’s, small buildings and storage facilities; assures proper operation of lighting fixtures, doors, windows and plumbing; performs concrete and masonry work; assures proper installation and maintenance of playground equipment.

    Assists in the installation of sprinkler systems; selects line sizes, sprinkler spacing, type and control equipment; install, test, and maintain systems utilizing low voltage, hydraulic, or other operating features.

    Operates heavy lawn mowing equipment; mows and trims grass, bushes and shrubs; assists in pruning activities on trees, shrubs and plants; removes dead, diseased, or injured trees; stimulates health plant growth through custom pruning and cutting.

    Transports heavy equipment; loading and unloading, to various worksites.  Ensuring all safety measures are met.

    Checks and services assigned heavy equipment; performs routine maintenance and minor repairs; reports mechanical problems for shop repair.

    Performs general landscape, gardening and grounds maintenance duties; plants and transplants trees, shrubs, bushes, grass, flowers etc. as directed to develop attractive parks and grounds; performs various fertilization techniques using dry and liquid chemicals.

    Operates a variety of types of small and light equipment such as mowers, sod cutters, chain saws, pruning equipment, backhoe, loaders, trenchers, aeration tractor, and various hand tools.

    Performs seasonal duties such as snow removal, winterizing sprinkler systems to avoid freezing, flushes watering systems in spring, and repairs other equipment and facilities.

    Performs general cleanup, maintenance, and repair of rest rooms, pavilions, playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, bleachers, ball fields and other facilities.

    Assists in the preparation of grave sites; participates in the opening and closing of graves; performs the upkeep and beautification of city cemetery.

    Performs related duties as required.


                            A.        Graduation from high school, or equivalency;


                            B.        Prior experience in the maintenance, upkeep, and beautification of turf, parks, facilities and related environs.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    Some knowledge of maintenance equipment such as backhoe, loader, mowers, tractor, power over seeders, aerators, thatchers, trimmers, etc.; landscape and sprinkler system installation; of hazards and related safety precautions associated with equipment operations; interpersonal communication skills.

    Semi-Skilled in the operation of various types of light equipment.  Ability to effectively apply chemicals for the abatement and eradication of noxious weeds and insects; effectively, perform various semi-skilled and skilled functions related to building maintenance; ability to communicate verbally and in writing; ability to develop effective working relationships with supervisor, subordinates, and the public.

    Special Qualifications:

    Must possess a valid Utah Driver License.

    May be required to obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL).

    Must be able to lift 75-100 pounds frequently.

    May be required to pass a strength endurance test.

    Work Environment:
    Tasks require variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, lifting, etc. Talking, hearing and seeing essential to the performance of the job. Daily exposure to weather extremes and seasonal conditions. Common eye, hand, finger dexterity exist. Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, discriminating thinking. Frequent local travel required in normal course of job performance.