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  • Roy City Cleanup Program

    Do you have questions about the
    Roy City Cleanup Program?

    Please contact our Code Enforcement Official.
    Broc Gresham
     (801) 774-1005

    Waivers will need to be signed prior to project and volunteer acceptance. Waivers can also be found below.

    Homeowner Waiver
    Volunteer Waiver

    The Roy City Cleanup Program is designed to help Roy City residents who need help complying with the City's ordinances; it is our hope that together, we can help our community members in need. 

    Our goal is for city staff and community volunteers to work together to address cleanup areas in need. We are accepting applications for persons who may need assistance with the upkeep and cleanliness of their property. 

    If you are needing help with your property and are unable to complete it, please fill out the request for project assistance and we will contact you to coordinate the project. That request form is found here

    The City's hope is to have volunteers assist city staff in helping our community with these projects. Staff will be responsible for coordinating the project and volunteers, providing necessary equipment, and ensuring safety while the project is completed. 

    If you are in need of completing community service hours, or would just like to volunteer and help participate with the City Cleanup, please sign up here.

    -Roy City Community Development Department thanks you in advance for your willingness to help. 

    Mayor Dandoy - CopyA community service message from our Mayor!

    Roy City is a wonderful community. It provides the quality-of-life necessities typically found in a small-town environment. Living and working in pleasant surroundings improves daily life and helps attract new business, new neighbors, new opportunities. However, there is one element that is emerging that needs our combined attention. I’m speaking of trash, debris, and weeds. We will do what we can to mitigate this threat through greater enforcement of our nuisance ordinance in both residential and commercial areas, but more is needed.   

    The city is willing to do what it takes to help a neighborhood look and feel better, but we need your support. As a community it is time for all of us to step up and help the Roy City Clean-Up Program. A community cleanup is just what it sounds like: residents’ banding together to clean up all or part of their neighborhood. This is not a one-time event; this program is an ongoing project. Multiple studies have shown that community clean-ups are important for local economies and raising public awareness.  

    We need members of the community to volunteer to help neighbors remove the debris. If you are in need of help, reach out to the city, to see if we can connect you with volunteer groups. Please consider establishing local community clean up events and let the city help by providing a container. If you can get several neighbors to assist others in your community, pick a day of service and then contact the Community Development office on this city website or at chanse.malay@royutah.org to schedule a dumpster drop-off for your group to fill up. 

    This can be more than just removing the trash, it can be an effective way to bring communities together, improving social bonds, and helping people be more supportive of their common environment. Community pride starts and ends with each of us, let’s all do our part.

    Thank you!
    Bob Dandoy, Mayor Roy City