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    Contact Us
    Administration Office
    Physical Address
    5051 S 1900 W
    Roy City, UT 84067

    Phone: 801-774-1020
    City Administration

    The Administrative Office is located in the Municipal Building at 5051 South 1900 West. It is composed of the:
    • Mayor/City Council 
    • City Manager 
    • City Attorney
    • Assistant City Attorney / City Prosecutor
    • City Recorder 
    • Information Technology

    Citizens Welcome

    Citizens are welcome to review the City Code, Minutes of the City Council meetings and talk to City Officials about current or upcoming issues. Additionally, citizens are always welcome to attend public meetings.

    Meeting Agendas Posted

    The agendas for upcoming meetings are posted at the City Offices on the Friday prior to the meeting. In addition, agendas are posted on the Utah Public Notice Website.

    Public hearings are listed in the legal section of the Standard Examiner and a public notice is posted at the City Offices.

    City Recorder/Administrative Assistant

    Responsibilities of the Roy City Recorder include:
    • Administrative Assistant to the City Manager, City Attorney, Assistant City Attorney/Prosecutor, and Mayor.
    • Contract Management
    • Elections Official
    • Coordinate Volunteers & Community Service 
    • Maintain City Website
    • Maintain historical documents and records of the City
    • Prepare and Maintain City Resolutions & Ordinances for City Council Meetings 
    • Prepare bimonthly newsletter
    • Prepare City Council Agendas and Packets
    • Prepare City Council Minutes of Meetings
    • Records management and retention
    • Notary Public