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    Title 3, Chapter 8 of the Roy City Municipal Code, requires that any person, as owner, lessee or agent thereof, to keep, conduct, operate or maintain any rental dwelling with the City, must first obtain a rental dwelling license.  Each Owner/landlord is required to obtain only one (1) Rental Dwelling License, regardless of the number of rental dwellings they own.  

    Rental dwelling units include any single family home, duplex, townhome, condominium, apartment, Mobile Home Park or Trailer Courts, when used for such purposes.

    Internal-Accessory Dwelling Units (I-ADU), is an accessory dwelling unit within the footprint of a primary dwelling for the purpose of a rental unit, are allowed if the following conditions are met:
            1.       Include an additional parking space (see Title 10, Chapter 19-1 for standards)
            2.       Must be occupied as the primary residence of the owner of record
            3.       Must be rented for 30 consecutive days or longer
            4.       Must obtain a Rental Dwelling license (See Title 3 for standards)
            5.       A notice to be recorded with the county
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     Good Landlord Incentive Program

     The purpose of the Good Landlord Incentive Program is to provide Roy City’s landlords with training and resources that enable them to reduce criminal activities and eliminate code violations on their properties.

     All landlords are eligible to participate in the Program, but participation is not required.  Landlords who choose to participate will receive a significant discount on license fees and Disproportionate Service Fees.

    Landlords will receive information with their Roy City Business License Renewal.