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    Michelle Howard                                              Travis Flint                                                         
    Parks and Recreation Director                                     Parks and Recreation Deputy Director                                                                          

    Recreation Philosophy
    We believe the Roy Recreation Department should provide a variety of activities with different skill levels to meet the needs of the various age groups in the community, especially for youth.
    We believe that involvement in such activities helps to build life skills including personal creativity, self esteem, social interactions and fitness for the participants.
    We believe in order to be successful; all involved must play a part. This includes public servants providing adequate resources and a sensitivity to funding needs, a well-trained staff to provide the expertise and positive support for the participants, citizen involvement where needed to help complete the tasks of expanding demands and willing participants looking for a positive environment to express themselves in leisure activities.

    The Roy City Parks and Recreation Department provides a variety of leisure services and programs for all of its citizens that add to the overall quality of life with equal opportunity for participation regardless of race, economics status, or gender, especially for youth. To accomplish this we feel it important to provide facilities and equipment that are well-maintained, an enthusiastic staff well-trained and anxious to serve, public leaders willing to support general funding and support from the general citizenry.

    • Provide affordable, varied, and challenging leisure programs that support team and individual events for all ages and abilities, especially for youth.
    • Promote the value of leisure activity to Roy residents and encourage greater public involvement.
    • Provide well maintained facilities for the participants of leisure services.
    • Provide participants with a safe healthy environment.
    • Provide youth the opportunity to learn life skills through sport such as teamwork, sportsmanship, striving for common goals and individual performance skills.
    • Implement a financial plan to fund leisure services through a mix of user fees, city general funds, and additional sources.
    • Coordinate with surrounding communities, Weber County, Weber School District, and various organizations to increase the leisure service capability.


    Personal Benefits:
    Parks and Recreation contribute to a balanced and meaningful life: fitness and recreation opportunities improve and maintain our personal health and wellness; regular physical activity is one of the best methods of health insurance for individuals; relaxation, and revitalization through recreation are essential to stress management; recreation is an essential source of self-esteem and helps build a positive self-image; recreation opportunities provide positive lifestyle choices and alternatives to self-destructive and anti-social behavior. Children’s play is essential to the human development process.

    Social Benefits:
    Recreation provides leadership opportunities that build strong communities; recreation reduces alienation and loneliness, and promotes ethnic and cultural harmony; recreating together helps to build strong families, the foundation of a stronger society; recreation provides opportunities for community involvement; park facilities and recreation programs build community pride. Integrated and accessible recreation opportunities are critical to the quality of life of people with disabilities.

    Economic Benefits:
    Recreation helps develop a fit work force, which is a more productive work force; Parks and Recreation services motivate business relocation and expansion in the community; Recreation helps reduce the high cost of crime and vandalism; Recreation and Park services are often the catalyst for tourism; investments in environmental protection through Parks and open space pay for themselves.

    Environmental Benefits:
    Parks, open space and natural areas contribute to the environmental health of our communities; the public is often willing to pay for environmental protection and rehabilitation and support Parks and Recreation organizations that play a lead role in that protection; investing in the environment through Parks and open space in residential areas leads to increased property values and enhanced livability. Parks, open space and natural areas add to the beauty and preserve the quality of life as our communities grow. (American Park & Recreation Society “Keeping you Current” January 1995)

    Statement of Values
    We believe the success of our organization depends on the following values:
    • Courtesy in all personal relations
    • Honest and integrity in everything we do.
    • Mutual trust and loyalty to the organization, patron and fellow employees.
    • Teamwork and open communication with each team member.
    • Being responsible for the delivery of efficient and effective service.
    • Pride in our work and dedicated to be the best we can be

    Personal Characteristics:
    Positive Attitude: The attitude of an employee can make the difference between a good and bad job. Employees should understand their responsibilities to the other staff as well as the general public. Cooperation, team efforts, and adherence to the rules and regulations are important to the successful operation of our department.
    The employee accepts responsibility for their actions in receiving assignments and showing initiative in making constructive suggestions towards a better work place.
    Employees should be able to make sound decisions when dealing with difficult situations and maintain a positive, helpful courteous attitude
    Employees should arrive for work on time and perform duties assigned correctly. They should be independently reliable in the job without supervision.

    An employee should enforce the rules, regulations and policies of the facility and perform correct actions according to the circumstance in a professional manner.
     The employee properly applies technical training. Professional maturity and public relations for which the position requires.