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    Welcome to the Roy City Police Department forms page.

    Below you will find forms specific to the Roy City Police Department. 
    If you experience any difficulty filling out a form or have questions regarding our forms, please contact our Records Department at (801) 774-1011.

    Caring Hands - A Roy City Police Public Safety Program
    The Roy City Police Department has instituted a Caring Hands Public Safety Program. Our Police Department prides itself on being proactive and immersed in community assistance. The Caring Hands Public Safety Program will focus on receiving vital information about its participants, such as mental health diagnosis, medication needs, visual and communicative impairments, etc. that will better aid our medical and public safety personnel should the need arise.
    Please take a moment to review our program participant form. This form can be filled out by a parent/guardian, foster family, legal representative, or legal guardian. This program is completely voluntary, and you can choose to no longer participate should your circumstances change. The Caring Hands Program shall remain strictly confidential, and the information listed will only be used to aid emergency medical and police responders. 
    Find the fillable pdf version here. Please fill out the form and bring an updated photo of participant, into the Roy City Police Department at 5051 South 1900 West, Roy. 

    GRAMA Request 
    GRAMA is an attempt to balance the public’s constitutional right of access to information concerning public business, the individual’s constitutional right of privacy when the government gathers personal data, and the public policy interest in allowing a government to restrict access to certain records for the public good. If you need to submit a request for witness statements, supplemental reports, or body cam video, you will need to fill out a GRAMA request; please click here.  GRAMA Requests are typically $25.00
    *Additional fees may apply based on the size of the report. See Utah Code 63G-2-203 for more information.*

    Letter of Agency / Trespass Arrest Authorization
    The Roy City Police Department has implemented a Letter of Agency Program. By completing the attached Letter of Agency form, owners, property managers, or tenants of a property can authorize Roy City police officers to arrest any person present without lawful business, and remove them from the property. 
    If you are interested in filling out a form, please click here
    Property owners may also elect to purchase signs and posts from the Roy City Streets Department for $102.92 per sign/post/insert combo. If you wish to do that, please bring your completed form to the Roy City Utility Department to make payment for the $102.92. You will then take your receipt to the Public Works Administration and receive your sign/post/insert. If you wish to privately obtain signs for your property, please return your completed form to the Roy City Utility Department. 

    Report Request
    This form is to receive a copy of an accident report or an initial contact report. If you are interested in receiving information related to a case that is not an accident report or an initial contact report, please see the above information for GRAMA Request. If you are needing to request an accident report or initial contact report, please fill out the printable form by clicking here. If you would like to fill it out and submit online, please click here.