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    October 26, 2021 & December 2, 2021
    (All Candidates declared no changes between disclosures) 
    Ashlee Kurys Financial Disclosures
    Kevin Homer Financial Disclosures
    Randy Scadden Financial Disclosures
    Sophie Paul Financial Disclosures
    Robert Dandoy Financial Disclosures
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    Campaign Financial Reports Archive16 documents

    • Ann Jackson Financial Disclosures Primary 2.pdf
    • Ann Jackson General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf
    • Brad Sawyer Financial Disclosures Primary.pdf
    • Braeden Stander Financial Disclosures Primary.pdf
    • Braeden Stander General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf
    • Chad Andrews Financial DIsclosures Primary.pdf
    • Chris Collins Financial Disclosures Primary.pdf
    • Dave Tafoya Financial Disclosures.pdf
    • Dave Tafoya General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf
    • Diane Wilson Financial Disclosures Primary.pdf
    • Diane Wilson General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf
    • FINAL Financial Disclosure 2019.pdf
    • Joe Paul Financial Report 8-5-19.pdf
    • Joe Paul General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf
    • Trent Wilkins Financial Disclosures Primary.pdf
    • Trina Favero General Election Financial Disclosure.pdf