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  • Thanks to all that came out this year and supported us, and made this year another huge success.  The message was strong and the kids loved it.  Everyone be safe out there this year.   We'll see you again next April!

    At Roy Fire, we have a great team of firefighters who stand out for a reason...our Public Education Team.  Firefighters are trained to save lives and protect property, but more importantly we promote fire and injury prevention.  Every Spring we use our 100 years of combined experience to educate more than 4,500 elementary school students about Fire and Life Safety.  

    If you ever have questions for our team or would like more information, feel free to contact our program manager, Michael Hadley, at 801-774-1080.

    Finally, please meet our 2018 team...from left to right, top row to bottom row:
    Dave;   Captain Wead;   Hook;   Ember;   Haligan;   Tanner
    Ladder;   Captain Easton;   Res-Q

    2018 Public Education Team
    2018 Public Education Team
    Ember Tanner
    Ember Tanner