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    The Roy City Code Enforcement Division is part of the Community Development Department and plays an important role in promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our community and visitors.


    The role of the Code Enforcement Official is to enforce City Code by identifying violations from complaints originating from citizens or violations identified on a proactive basis. When a complaint has been identified as a violation of City Code, a Notice of Violation will be sent to the property owner allowing appropriate time for the nuisance to be abated. The Code Enforcement Official may issue a Citation when compliance is not met.

    Common Code Violations

    Common code violations investigated by our Code Enforcement Officials include:
    • Parking on unapproved surfaces
    • Refuse, debris, garbage, or junk
    • Sign violations
    • Weeds exceeding 6 inches in height
    • Wrecked and/or inoperable vehicles
    Click here to view the Roy City nuisance code