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  • Legal Department - Victim Services


    If you are a victim of an assault, theft, criminal mischief, domestic violence, lewdness, or any other violent crime, you are not alone.

    We are here to help every victim and every family member get the services they need; we want to treat every case as a chance to help diminish the impact of crime in the community
    and to remember that every victim is a person with unique needs. Our victim services program is here to help you understand the criminal justice system, help you identify helpful community resources, make a claim for restitution, file a protective order, file for assistance for Crime Victims Reparations, and assist you through the entire court process.


    Roy City West Haven, Hooper City, or unincorporated Weber County
    Lexi Jonart: 
    (801) 774-1008 or (801) 940-1607
    Email: lexi.jonart@royutah.org
    5051 S 1900 W, Roy, UT 84067
    Lisa Fraizer
    (801) 778-6604
    Email: lfraizer@webercounty.gov
    1400 Depot Drive, Ogden, UT 84404


    Domestic Violence - find the full document and supporting description tables here.

    Domestic Violence includes behavior involving violence, threat of violence, or conspiracy to commit a criminal offense when committed by one cohabitant against another. A cohabitant is: an emancipated minor (under 18 and married), a person 16 years or older and is or was a spouse of other party, is related by blood or marriage to other parties, resides or has resided with other party, or has a child in common with the other party, or is the biological parent of the other’s unborn child. Cohabitant does not include the relationship of parent to minor or relationship of minor siblings to each other.

    Restitution - find the full document and further information on restitution here.

    Restitution is full or partial payment for pecuniary damages to a victim as a result of the crime. This can include medical expenses, damage to property, stolen property, counseling, and many others.

    Quick Links

    -YCC (Your Community Connections) – YCC – Family Crisis Center – Safety, advocacy and resources (yccogden.org)

    -Catholic Community Services: Catholic Community Services of Utah - Wikipedia

    Victim Rights

    Victim Assistance Programs

    • Roy City Victim Advocate 801-877-1008 or 801-940-1607
    • Roy City Police Department 801-774-1010
    • Weber County Victim/Witness 801-399-8377
    • YCC Shelter Crisis line 801-392-7273
    • YCC Sexual Assault Advocate 801-689-1737
    • Utah Crime Victims Reparations 800-621-7444 http://www.crimevictim.state.ut.us/
    • VINE Victim Information and Notification Everyday 877-884-8463 https://www.vinelink.com/vinelink/initMap.do
    • Utah Domestic Violence Information Line 1-800-897-5465

    Community Services

    • McKay Dee Hospital Center 801-387-2800
    • LDS Social Services 801-621-6510
    • Catholic Community Services 801-394-5944
    • Hill AFB Family Advocacy Center 801-777-3497
    • Workforce Services 866-435-7414
    • Division of Child and Family Services 801-629-5800
    • Legal Help Utah Crime Victim Legal Clinic 801-746-1204
    • Utah Legal Services 800-662-4245

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can the victim of a crime dismiss charges once they have been filed against a defendant?
    A: No. Once charges have been filed, it is the city that is prosecuting the defendant, not the victim. The only people that can dismiss the case are the prosecutor or the Judge. It is under their discretion how to proceed with the case.

    Q: I am the victim of a crime and I don’t want to go to court, when do I have to go?
    A: You do not have to come to court unless we subpoena you to be present. Usually if you are subpoenaed it is for a trial that we need you to testify at. We will take certain precautions to make sure that you are safe while you are at court. There are waiting rooms that you can wait in until it is your turn to testify so you do not have to sit in the court room with the defendant.

    Q: Can I still turn in my Victim Impact Statement even though it is past the listed date?
    Yes, you can turn the Victim Impact Statement in up until the defendant is sentenced. We would prefer to have it in before then, but if you are unable to give us the information prior to the listed date just get it to us as soon as possible.

    Q: I have questions on filling out the Victim Impact Statement, is there someone that can help me fill it out?
    A: Yes. Call the Roy City Victim Advocate at 801-774-1008. They can either help you over the phone or you can make an appointment to come in.

    Q: The defendant in my case was ordered to pay court ordered restitution, how do I get my money?
    A: The defendant pays either the court or the probation department and they will forward the money onto you. If you have questions on whether a payment has been made or not contact the court at 801-774-1051

    Q: Will I get my restitution paid back to me all at once or in payments?
    A: Restitution will come in payments as ordered by the court. The defendant will be put on a payment plan according to how much they can realistically pay. It will take some time to start to see your restitution being paid back in full.