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    Aquatic Center
    2977 W 5200 S
    Roy, UT 84067

    Noon  —  8:00 PM
    Noon  —  6:00 PM
    Noon —  6:00 PM
    Noon —  6:00 PM
    Noon —  6:00 PM
    Noon  —  6:00 PM
    General Operating Hours are as listed, unless otherwise posted.
    Aquatic 2

    The Roy Aquatic Center is now closed for the season. 
    We will reopen the summer of 2023 on May 27th we look forward to seeing 
    you then 
    If you have further questions please notify us at complex@royutah.org. Please follow our social media @royrecreationcomplex and follow our city website at www.royutah.org for any updates. We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

    General Admission Pricing
    Children 3 years and younger: Free (must wear swim diaper and plastic pants)
    Ages 4 - 7 years: Resident $5.00
      Non-resident $6.00
    Ages 8 years and older: Resident $6.00
      Non-resident $7.00
    Seniors aged 65 and older: Resident $5.00
      Non-resident $6.00

    Discount Passes
    • Resident - 10 punch pass: $45
    • Non-Resident - 10 punch pass: $55
    Bowery Rental
    • West Bowery Rate: Roy Resident  $75 Non-Resident  $80
    • Capacity: 150
    • Admission rate is discounted to $3 per person
    Evening Facility Rental
     If you are interested in reserving the Aquatic Center for an evening party during the summer, sign ups begin the first working day in January at the Roy City Office Building. Don’t hold off on signing up! The Aquatic Center is a popular place and these reservations go quickly!
    NOTE: Policy and Pricing Changes! Only Roy Residents will be able to make reservations on the 1st working day of January. Non-Residents can make reservations on the 2nd working day of January. On the 3rd working day of January, all reservation types will be available in person and online at www.RoyRecreation.com

    Rental Rate:  Tuesday - Thursday Friday - Saturday
    Resident: $650 $950
    Non-Resident $700 $1000

    Capacity: 1,000

    Rental Times & Availability
    • Tuesday - Saturday
    • 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
    • 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. (Beginning August 11th)
    • Smoking and Alcohol prohibited in the facility.
    • No glass containers

    Aquatic Center Rental Rate and policy changes were approved by the Roy City Council. Read full updated policy below.
    NOTICE: Aquatic Center Rental Changes Effective Jan. 2, 2019

    The Mayor, City Council and staff felt it was important for Roy City Residents and Businesses to have first priority and a lower fee vs Non-Residents. The City Council passed for the weekday rental Tues. - Thurs. to be decreased by $50 for Residents. Also the weekend rental rate was increased. These fees have not been adjusted in over ten years. Contact the Roy Complex at 801-774-1050 or email jcragun@royutah.org.

    Roy Residents/Businesses – Given first priority to nightly rentals for the Aquatic Center. Roy Residents/Businesses rentals will open the first working day of January at 8:00 am at the Roy City Municipal Building for that calendar year. Renters are required to provide proof of residency for their home/business. If unable to provide proof, they will be allowed to make a reservation on the second working day of January.

    Non Residents/Businesses- will be allowed to reserve Aquatic Center rentals beginning the second working day of January at 8:00 am at the Roy City Municipal Building for that calendar year.

    Online Reservations- Remaining dates will be available online beginning the third working day of January at 8:00 am at www.royrecreation.com. Roy Residents/Businesses and Non Residents/Businesses may use the online system to reserve any remaining rental dates for that calendar year.  Reservations can be accommodated in person at the Roy Municipal Building and Roy Complex. They will be available at the Roy City Aquatic Center once it opens the Saturday prior to Memorial Day.

    Fees- Due to increased maintenance costs and the staffing demand for weekends, the Fri. and Sat. rentals will be increased from $700 to $950 for Residents and from $700 to $1,000 for Non- Residents. Tuesday – Thursday fees will be: Roy Residents $650.00 ($50.00 decrease) and Non- Residents $700.00.

    Cancellation- Renters will be allowed to cancel reservations up to 30 days prior to event with a $100.00 processing fee deducted. Remaining fee will be returned to renter within 7 to 14 business days. All reservations cancelled less than 30 days prior to event will forfeit the entire rental fee. Cancellations due to weather will receive a full refund.