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  • Animal Services

    The Roy City Animal Services department operates within the City’s Police Department. The Department consists of two full-time Animal Control Officers.

    Licensing of Animals

    • All dogs and cats over four (4) months of age kept, harbored, or maintained by any person in the City shall be licensed and registered each year.
    • All dogs and cats brought into the City shall be licensed with the City within 30 days of entry or within 30 days after the date of becoming four (4) months of age.
    • A license will be issued only upon proof of an acceptable rabies vaccination unless it is determined that the animal is too young or unable to be vaccinated. If so determined, this vaccination must take place as soon thereafter as possible.
    • Any dog licenses after the 30 day period shall be subject to late penalties unless the license is purchased during the open dog licensing period of December and January when no late fees are assessed.
    • It is unlawful for any person to license more than two (2) dogs or Cats unless allowed under provisions of the Roy City Code.

    Roy City Animal Control Fees

    Animal Licensing
    • Animals under 1 year of age - $15.00 per animal
    • Spayed/Neutered - $15.00 per animal
    • NOT Spayed/Neutered - $30.00 per animal

    Animals owned by Seniors (55+)
    • Animals under 1 year of age - $10.00 per animal
    • Spayed/Neutered - $10.00 per animal
    • NOT Spayed/Neutered - $20.00 per animal

    • Transfer current tag from another city - $5.00 per animal
    • Replace lost tag - $5.00

    All licenses must be renewed within 30 days of the expiration date listed on the renewal form. Any non-renewed license beyond the 30 day grace period will incur a $20 fee per animal. 

    Impound Fees -
      First impound for a licensed animal: $50.00
      First impound for an unlicensed animal: $75.00 (License must be updated at the time of the impound release)
      Second Impound (within 12 months): $75.00
      Third Impound (within 12 months): $100.00
      Fourth impound (within 12 months): $125.00
      Boarding (per day): $12.00
      Quarantine (10 days): $100.00 
      Euthanasia: $50.00
      DOA Disposal: $10.00

    Animal License Renewal Form

    Please call 801-774-1076 for more information on the licensing of animals.

    Heather Cowley

    Animal Control


    Shannon Porter

    Animal Control