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  • Due to Mechanical difficulties the Pool will not be open until further notice

    The pool will not be open for swim lessons due to mechanical difficulties with the boiler.  If you would like more information you are welcome to call the Complex at 801-774-1050. 

    The complex will be open for all swim lessons posted.

     If you have further questions please call us at (801) 774-1050

    Follow link for registration for swim lessons Click Here

    swim-lessons-1024x683     2022 Swimming Lesson Dates     swim-lessons-1024x683

    Evening Sessions Morning Lessons
    Spring 2022
    • January 
    • January 
    • February 
    • March 
    • April 
    • May 31- June 10   Registration:  May 9th   Res,   May 10th   Non  Res    
    • June 13- June 24  Registration May 9th    Res,   May 10th    Non Res
    • June 27- July 8     Registration  June 13th Res,   June 14th  Non Res
    • July 11-July 22       Registration   June 13th Res,  June 14th    Non Res
    • July 25-August 5   Registration  July 11th Res,    July 12th     Non Res
    • August 8-August 19  Registration  July 11th Res,  July 12th  Non Res
    • Summer (sign up Residents May 9, Non Residents May10)
    •  May 
    • June 
    • July 
    Fall & Winter   
    • September 
    • October 
    • November 
    • November
    Philosophy Class Registration & Price
    Our program is based on two important concepts:
    1. Water safety
    2. Helping students become more proficient in their swimming skills
    Optimum Advantage
    Class size and student/instructor ratio are closely supervised in order to give the optimum advantage possible for each student to enhance learning and retention skills for swimming and water safety. Our classes are instructed by experienced Water Safety instructors; trained and certified by the American Red Cross.

    We are proud of our program and hope you will be satisfied that it is the best program in the area.
    • There are eight class units per swimming session.
    • Class levels 1 - 6 are 45 minutes per class period. The cost for these classes is $40 per session.
    • Infant, toddler and preschool classes are 30 minutes per class period with the cost of $35 per session.
    • Payment for classes must be made at the time of registration.
    • There are no make-up classes unless a class is missed due to Recreation Complex schedule changes.
    • click here to register for lessons   https://secure.rec1.com/UT/roy-city-ut/catalog
    Cancellations & Refunds  
    • Due to the high demand of our swimming lessons, cancellations must be made a week in advance to receive a refund.
    • All refunds will have a $5 processing fee.