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  • Mayor's MessageMayor Dandoy

    On June 25th and 26th, northern Utah will once again witness an Air & Space Show hosted by Hill AFB. With a projected 700,000 visitors over the two-day event, it will be a spectacular performance highlighting the earlier and latest in aerospace technologies. From the F-35 Lightning II to the US Air Force Thunderbirds, you will see the most modern in technical integration and the finest in human aeronautical skills, with so much more. Here is an opportunity to see, touch and learn about what goes on behind those protected base gates. For two short days you will observe firsthand a small portion of what over 20,000 dedicated military and civilian professionals do in defending our country and freedoms. Take the time to visit the Air Show or at least find a place where you can watch the flying demonstrations. This free exhibition is provided not just to entertain, but to say thank you to a community that has supported the base for decades. For more information, go to Warriors Over the Wasatch 2022.     

    With water restrictions facing all of us again this year, Roy City must do our part to conserve. The City Council has decided to shut down within the city the water fountains and the splash pad this year. You will also see some brown spots in some of our open spaces. Please do what you can in conserving water. For more tips, go to Slow the Flow Utah.

    You may have noticed UDOT contract workers along the I-15 interchange and 5600 South. Preliminary work has started as the widening of 5600 moves forward. Major construction is expected in the spring of 2023, with right-of-way property acquisition to begin at any time. If you live on the southside along the 5600 South corridor, I encourage you to reach out to the UDOT Public Involvement Team at 385-383-6576 with your questions. Not all answers are available yet, but they are getting closer. As Roy City gets more updates on this project, we will keep our residents informed.    

    Be safe and keep your family safe!   

    Bob Dandoy, Mayor Roy City