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  • Beautification Committee Mission Statement
          Beautification Committee Members

    City Manager
          Matt Andrews

          Executive Assistant
    Brittany Fowers

         Parks and Recreation Deputy Director
    Travis Flint

          Public Works Admin Assistant
    Jodi Fusselman

         Code Enforcement Compliance
    Broc Gresham

       City Council Member
    Ann Jackson



    The Beautification Committee serves as an advisory committee/focus group to City Council for the purpose of researching, developing, and proposing plans to improve the appearance of our City through creative initiatives. Representatives from various City staffs and the public meet periodically to make suggestions, brainstorm ideas, and promote follow-through. The Committee works with departments and utilizes various social media and the Roy City website to keep the public informed.


    The goal of the committee is to promote beautification, cleanliness, and quality of life throughout the City, promote citizen – and city - involvement in beautification efforts, and to be an example to neighboring communities.


    Roy City "Yard of the Month" Program

    We are pleased to announce the return of the 2nd Annual - Roy City Yard of the Month!

    Here at Roy City, we want to welcome you to our vibrant community where we celebrate the dedication and creativity of our residents through the Yard of the Month program. During the summer months, June, July, August, and September, we honor eight exceptional yards (each month) for their outstanding conservation efforts, unparalleled beauty, and innovative design. From meticulously maintained to thoughtfully landscaped yards, our residents showcase their commitment to enhancing the aesthetics and sustainability of our community. Join us in recognizing and applauding the green thumbs and visionary minds that make our neighborhoods flourish.

    Winners will be selected by the Mayor, Council, and Committee Members as they explore assigned areas of our town, using the following criteria: use of plants/color, maintenance, water efficiency, and overall design.

    Each winning front yard owner will receive a certificate to keep, and will be asked to display a sign in their yard for 30 days. With owner permission, the yards and pictures will be listed on the Roy City Facebook page, the Roy City Website, and possibly featured in Roy Connection magazine.

    Community engagement is a core ingredient of the Yard of the Month program. Residents can self nominate their yards by sending beautification@royutah.org an email, along with their name, address, and telephone number; we will also need their permission to publicly list their address if selected as a winner. If a resident would like to nominate a neighbor, please send just the nominated address to beautification@royutah.org, so we can pass it along to the assigned neighborhood member for consideration. 

    Yard of the Month post - April

    To view current Yard of the Month winners, click here.

    For water wise tips and information from the Roy Beautification Committee Members, click here.

    Utah Water Savers "Flip your Strip" Program

    From the program website "Increase your curb appeal, reduce water use, and get money back
    when you participate in the Flip Your Strip rebate program. Removing lawn from your park
    strip will save an estimated 5,000-8,000 gallons of water each year—and you can get cash for
    doing it. Receive $1 per square foot for replacing the lawn in your park strip with a water-efficient
    design, or $1.25 per square foot if you also attend a free park strip class."

    To view further details on the Flip your Strip program and to check eligibility, click here.

    Additional resources and park strip ideas from their program, found here.