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    Roy City provides water, garbage and recycling services, solid waste disposal, and sewer.

    Current Watering Restrictions from Roy Water Conservancy District click here.

    Signing Up
    New owners, both home and business, must sign up for services.  To view a new customers homeowner's packet click here.

    Setup Fees

    • A $199.00 meter set fee is applicable for newly built homes. Fees can vary based on applicable meter size. 
    • A $10 fee is applicable for existing homes. 
    • Photo identification and proof of ownership (closing papers) is required.
    • Owners are responsible for rental units.

    New Owner Setup Documents

    Billing Method & Rates
    Currently, Roy City residents receive utility bills on a bi-monthly schedule; Commercial accounts are billed separately. Bills are due on the 25th of the same month they are processed in.
    The residential billing schedule is as follows:

    Billing Date and Period Covered
    January 5th (November and December)
    March 5th (January and February)
    May 5th (March and April)
    July 5th (May and June)
    September 5th (July and August)
    November 5th (September and October)

    Water meters are not read during the winter months, therefore an average amount of water usage is billed. For new homeowners, an average of 18,000 gallons is used during the winter months. Any adjustment will be made on the May billing. 

    Residential utility customers are billed bimonthly:
    Residential Rate Table - July 2021 (PDF)

    Commercial utility customers are billed monthly:
    Commercial Rate Table - July 2021 (PDF)

    Online Utility Bill Pay via Xpress Bill Pay
    Submit Payments Online

    It has come to our attention that some residents are using doxo.com to manage and pay their Roy City utility bill. Please be aware that Roy City is in no way affiliated with doxo.com. If you are currently using doxo.com and have any issues with your utility bill while using this service, please contact doxo.com for support. 

    Online Banking Payments
    If setting automatic payments directly from your bank account (excluding court), please remit to:
    Roy City Utilities
    5051 S 1900 W
    Roy, Utah 84067

    Contact Us
    Utilities & Finance

    Physical Address
    5051 S 1900 W
    Roy City, UT 84067

    Phone: 801-774-1000
    Fax: 801-774-1030
    Email: utilityrequests@royutah.org