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  • 3260 W 5700 S, Roy, Utah
    [From 6000 S, turn north on 3260 W; or from 3500 W, turn east on 5700 S, turn down 3260 to the park]
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    The Roy City Dog Park is a fully fenced, leash-free space with a newly paved oval walking track above a basin area.  The park is accessed by gates at the north and south ends. No scooters, bicycles, trikes, or skateboards are allowed inside the Dog Park.

    Inside the oval walking track is a basin where dogs can play. The majority of the year the area is dry, though during rainy or snowy periods, the pond will provide the dogs with a shallow swimming pool (or mud bath!). 

    For fitness walkers: Walking around the track 5 times is just over a mile in length. Benches have been provided by fellow citizens. 

    Dogs are allowed off leash, but a handler must be inside the park and watchful at all times. If an animal becomes aggressive and cannot be controlled, it must be leashed or removed. Handlers should always bring a leash no longer than 6 feet.  

    Puppies under 4 months old, female dogs in heat, or dogs with a communicable illness are not allowed in the park.  Dogs will be dogs, but owners should minimize barking, immediately deal with any aggression, and fill any holes caused by digging.

    By law, handlers are required to pick up dog waste and dispose of it properly. Often, people will tie containers of dog bags to the fence for waste pick up, but all handlers are encouraged to bring their own supply to do their cleanup.  Be sure to bring water and a bowl for your dog. 

    The dog park brings together people, young and old, who have one thing in common: love for their dogs. Most people get to know the names of the dogs before they get to know the names of their fellow dog owners. Large and small dogs all run free together happily. The Dog Park can be a social area for humans and dogs alike.


    Use of the Dog Park is at your own risk. Handlers are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times. Note that the area is a power corridor for the electric company, and is a necessary retention pond for the city; due to those limitations, minimal improvements can be made to the area.