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  • Building Safety - Building FAQs

    Do I need a building permit for a shed?
    Any detached structure over 200 square feet requires a permit.

    Any attached shed, garage, carport, or addition requires a permit regardless of the size.
    Can I work on my own project? (I.e., build my own home, finish my own basement, or build my own shed?)
    Yes! If you own it you can do your own work on it; this however does not exempt you from obtaining a permit or meeting code requirements.

    If you hire the project to be done by someone else they need to have a current contractors license from the state of Utah.
    Can I allow my good friend, acquaintance or family member help me with my project without them being licensed?
    Yes! As long as you do not compensate them by paying them a fee for their services.

    This is commonly called the “beer and pizza” rule.

    Your friends, neighbors and family members can help you on your project as long as you don’t compensate them with much more than a beer and pizza.
    Can you refer a good contractor to me?
    No. The Building Officer is not allowed to show favoritism between contractors by “sending work their way.” It is up to you to preform your due diligence and research who you want to hire.
    I rent from a person who doesn't care to fix up or repair my apartment. Can you make him/her do the repairs that I think need to be done?
    No. The Building Permits and Inspections office permits and inspects new construction, repairs, and alterations. The Building Officer cannot make them do the repairs you want; they can only require them to get the proper permits when/if the Landlord decides to do them.
    My rental has items that are life threatening and or are unsafe for me and my family. Can you make my landlord change life safety items?
    Yes. Only when it is a serious threat to your safety. Both you and your landlord will be required to meet with the Building Officer, together. The Building Officer makes that determination, and is not in the habit of taking sides in a feud. If a life safety issue is found then the landlord will be required to repair it.
    I think I have mold in my home. What can I do about that?
    You need to contact a company that tests for mold; the Building Permits and Inspections Office does not do those type of inspections and does not have the proper equipment to test for mold.

    Not all visible mold on wood is the "bad" kind. The testing company will test in “parts per million” to determine how bad and what kind of mold you have.
    Do I need a building permit for a swimming pool?
    Only if the swimming pool is an in-ground swimming pool. If it has pumps and filters, and electrical wiring then the Building Officer needs to inspect it.

    Roy City does not require permits for above ground pools.
    Do I need a permit for a fence?
    Not at this time.

    It is important to remember that your fence still needs to meet the proper placement and height criteria. The Building Officer recommends that you at least bring a site plan in to our department and make sure you are placing the fence correctly so that they are not later required to ask you to move or even remove it entirely.
    Do I need a permit to re-shingle my home?
    Yes. Any time you peel off shingles, felt paper, or replace sheathing you need to have a permit for it.

    The only time you don’t need a permit for shingling your home is when you only have one layer of shingles and you're covering it with another layer without pulling anything else off. If you are going to shingle over more than one layer you are required to pull off the layers of shingles back down to the sheathing.

    Building Safety - Electrical FAQs

    Do I need a permit to replace light fixtures or appliances?
    No, but you do need one any time you re-wire or pull wire from the circuit panel
    to an outlet, light, or appliance.
    Can I have a neighbor do or help me with my electrical project?
    Yes! As long as you do not compensate them by paying them a fee for their services.

    This is commonly called the “beer and pizza” rule.

    Your friends, neighbors and family members can help you on your project as long as you don’t compensate them with much more than a beer and pizza.

    Building Safety - Mechanical FAQs

    Do I need a permit to replace my furnace?
    Yes! Make sure the furnace company replacing your furnace has a permit and you get an inspection!

    Safety items aside, you are most likely being charged for the permit anyway.

    Building Safety - Plumbing FAQs

    Do I really need a permit for a simple water heater change out?
    Yes! You may be surprised at how many code violations can exist with the installation of water heaters.

    Everything from proper electrical or gas hook ups to proper venting and combustion air becomes important to you as far as your family’s safety is concerned.

    Justice Court - Driver's License

    I received a letter from Driver's License Division. What do I do?
    If you have received a letter from Driver’s License Division, it is imperative that you act accordingly; often you have a limited amount of time in which to avoid some type of action being taken on your license.

    Please contact Driver’s License Division at 801-965-4437 or toll free at 800-222-0038 for any questions you may have which are not answered in the letter.

    If the letter directs you to contact the Roy City Justice Court, please contact us immediately at 801-774-1051 so we may assist you.
    Is my Driver's License suspended?
    Please contact the Driver’s License Division about questions concerning your license at 801-965-4437 or toll free at 800-222-0038.

    If it is determined that your license is suspended and you need further action from the court, please obtain a court case number so we may better assist you.
    How long do I have to change my Driver's License address?
    Pursuant to 53-3-216, you are required to change your driver’s license address within ten (10) days of your move.

    If you possess a commercial driver’s license, you must change your address within thirty (30) days and you must do it in person at Driver’s License Division.

    For this and any other driver’s license related questions, we recommend visiting the Utah Department of Public SafetyDriver's License Division.

    Justice Court - FAQs

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