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  • Meadow Creek Pond1Roger Phil Burnett Meadow Creek Pond

    4200 W. 5075 So.

    It has 4.57 acres. It has a playground, walkway, fishing pond and restrooms. This park also serves as the trail head for the Howard Slough Parkway. The pond is stocked by the Division of Wildlife resources. 
    The dock is also wheelchair accessible. 


    Resolution No. 867
    Resolution of the Roy City Council
    expressing appreciation for the service of Mayor Roger Phil Burnett
    and renaming Meadow Creek Pond in his honor

    Whereas, Roger Phil Burnett served as Mayor of Roy City for eight years, and

    Whereas, selfless service exemplified Mayor Burnett’s terms, and

    Whereas, Mayor Burnett created an atmosphere of caring and appreciation for citizens and employees, and

    Whereas, Mayor Burnett was diligent and successful in making Roy City a better community, and

    Whereas, the Roy City Council is greatly appreciative of Mayor Burnett’s dedicated service.

    Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Roy City Council that Meadow Creek Pond, a project which Mayor Burnett participated in creating and constructing, be renamed “Roger Phil Burnett Meadow Creek Pond” in honor of Mayor Burnett.

    Dated this 3 day of January, 2006.

    Mayor, Joe H. Ritchie

    Meadow Creek Pond2