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    Looking at revamping your park strip and landscape so you too can be water wise?
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    Requirements set by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

    General Requirements:
    1. Park strips must be currently landscaped with living, well-maintained lawn. If lawn has been killed or removed prior to a pre-conversion site visit, you are not eligible for this program.
    2. Applicant must be in good standing with a participating water provider. Unpaid water bills will disqualify applicants from the Flip Your Strip program.
    3. Applicants must be participating voluntarily. Projects required by governmental codes or policy are not eligible for this program.
    4. Projects should remove all lawn from the park strip and replace it with water-efficient landscaping.
    5. Projects that replace lawn with artificial turf are not eligible.
    6. Rebate checks will be made payable to the property owner.
    Planting Requirements:
    1. Perennial plants must cover at least 50% of the converted park strip at maturity. Trees will not be considered in density calculations.
    2. Plants may not exceed 24 inches in height at maturity. Taller plants block views, impede safety, and can interfere with city maintenance.
    3. Completed projects must be covered with 3-4 inches of gravel, bark, or compost mulch. Groundcover plants can qualify as mulch if 100% plant density is achieved at maturity.
    4. If landscape fabric is used (not recommended), it must be permeable to water and air.
    5. Concrete areas do not qualify for a square foot rebate, but pavers, bricks, stone, and other permeable materials are permitted.
    Irrigation Requirements:
    1. Completed park strips must be irrigated with low-volume drip systems. Drip systems must include filter and pressure regulators visible for inspection:
    2. Drip emitters must be rated at 5 gallons per hour or less.
    3. Bubblers, micro-spray emitters and soaker hoses are not allowed.
    4. Drip emitters and spray heads must be on separate zones.
    Below are most common frequently asked questions directly from Weber Basin Water Conservancy District