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    Performs a variety of technical professional and first-line supervisory law enforcement duties related to the planning and coordinating the Investigation, administration or patrol division of the city police department. Performs day-to-day quality assurance in serving and protecting the citizens of Roy.

    Works under the general supervision of the assigned division commander.

    Provides close to general supervision to assigned shift officers. In the absence of the Chief or Division Commander serves as department supervisor. Directs day-to-day shift activities and supervises high risk situations.


    Exercises supervision over lower ranking officers assigned; coordinates activities and assists in the performance of their duties; observes and evaluates work performed by subordinate officers; ensures compliance with established policies and procedures; provides policy interpretations and judgments to subordinate officers; delivers and implements managerial directives and communicates subordinate concerns to management; follows up on complaints involving shift officers; reports any insubordination or misconduct to commanding officer.

    Prepares duty roster and schedules for assigned officers by organizing shift changes, schedules and special days off.

    Assists in the development of division budget(s); reviews previous expenditures, analyzes equipment and personnel needs and makes recommendations.

    Serves as a department specialist, trainer, and/or supervisor in various technical aspects of law enforcement, such as fire arms, special response team, special training (domestic violence, chemical munitions, etc.), vehicle maintenance, etc.

    Supervises investigation, technical services, evidence and community relations functions; performs as a lead detective; directs or performs criminal investigations; assigns cases for investigation; monitors case progress and approves final disposition; develops and maintains intelligence information; conducts in- depth investigations of criminal activities; processes scene of crime; finds, identifies, marks and preserves evidence; questions witnesses and victims; prepares all necessary reports.

    Conducts investigations on all major felony crimes; handles rape and homicide cases; works closely with Police Chief or Division Commanders in solving difficult cases; investigates, follows up and insures completion of all cases; conducts research and pursues clues, makes telephone calls, tracts criminal histories, secures existing data information on suspects, etc.

    Answers business/bank complaints of theft, forgery, scams, bounced checks, embezzlements, bad credit and white-collar crimes; alerts businesses and community of check forgeries, and short change artists.

    Performs surveillance; obtains search warrants; works closely with City and County attorney concerning legalities involved in certain cases, arrests.

    Prepares facts, information, evidence and statements for court proceedings; secures witnesses and testimonies; prepares visual diagrams of the scene of crime as deemed necessary; assists attorneys in the preparation of court cases, extraditions; testifies in court when necessary.

    Acts as shift/field supervisor; patrols city to prevent and suppress crime and enforce federal and state laws and city ordinances; apprehends criminals in the act of or after the act of a crime; provides public assistance to residents; patrols certain areas to detect violations of the law; serves warrants, summons and subpoenas; makes arrests and transports offenders to jail; attends court and gives testimony.

    Reviews all reports and citations generated during assigned shifts; monitors reports and logs for the patrol division of such things as cases handled, miles driven, gas used and property recovered; compiles monthly reports on the above.

    Responds to calls for assistance, secures crime scenes for evidence searches; makes investigation and interrogates complainants, witnesses and suspects; controls traffic and enforces traffic laws and ordinances; directs traffic, assists motorists, issues citations and warnings for D.U.I's, moving violation and investigates accidents involving motor vehicles; prepares and submits accident, offense, arrests and other forms and reports as necessary.

    School Resource
    Provides close to general supervision to School Resource Officers. In the absence of the investigation supervisor serves as Investigation Supervisor. Supervises School Resource Officers and community relation functions; performs as a liaison with Weber County School District and Roy City School Administration.

    Reviews all reports and citations generated during assigned shifts; monitors reports and logs for the school resource division of such things as cases handled, miles driven, gas used and property recovered; compiles monthly reports on the above.

    Homeland Security
    Works with Federal, State and local agencies in Homeland Security planning and preparation. To include but not limited to the following.

            A. The identification and heightened protection of likely terrorist targets within the incorporated areas of Roy City and surrounding jurisdictions. Exploration of funding options to meet these

            B. The collection and reporting of intelligence information to assist in the identification of potential threats. Liaison with the JTTF and state Homeland
            C. The accomplishment of the first two goals without the violation of anyone person’s civil rights or the alienation of any general class or group of people
            D. Training to all Roy City Police Department employees in areas of Cultural Diversity, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Emergency Operations Procedures and response to bomb, chemical or biological threats.

    Community Events Coordinator
    Acts as coordinator for community events including but not limited to: Citizen’s Academy, Night Out Against Crime, Neighborhood Watch, and Safety and Bike Fairs.

    Other duties as assigned.

    Performs related duties as required.


    1. Education and Experience:
                  A. Must have five years of full time law enforcement, with the last year prior to the test, in full time service with the Roy City Police Department. Law enforcement experience will be defined as used                in our policy by following the guidelines of Utah Code 53-13-103. 

                  B. An applicant must have a satisfactory performance evaluation for the past three years.

    1. Essential Functions, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    Considerable knowledge of Roy and its street systems; modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques and equipment; applicable Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances and departmental rules and regulations. Working knowledge of hazardous waste classifications and emergency procedures related to control, containment and confinement; principles of supervision; federal, state, county and city ordinances; principles of law enforcement administration; investigative procedures and practices; legal liabilities associated with arrest and law enforcement; court room procedures and laws of evidence.

    Skill in the use of firearms, the operation of police vehicles and other specialized equipment including breathalyzers, radar units, police batons and restraining devices.

    Ability to react effectively in emergency and stress situations; ability to exhibit imagination, initiative and problem solving capability in coping with a variety of law enforcement situations; ability to follow standard safety practices and procedures common to law enforcement work; perform work requiring good physical condition; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies and the public.

    1. Requirements:

    The Sergeant is a sworn law enforcement function with consideration to all elements of Code 49-14-201
                     Place the employee’s life or personal safety at risk.
                     Complete training as provided in Section 53-13-103, 104. or 105.
                     Perform duties that consist primarily of actively preventing or detecting crime and enforcing criminal statutes or ordinances.
                     Respond to situations involving threats to public safety and make emergency decisions affecting the lives and health of others.

    1. Special Qualifications:

    Must be P.O.S.T. certified and must maintain certification by attending a minimum of 40 hours of specialized training each year. Must have completed P.O.S.T. supervisory training. Must maintain firearm proficiency. Must possess a valid Utah State drivers license.

    1. Work Environment:

    Tasks require a variety of physical activities periodically involving muscular strain related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting and reaching. Essential functions require talking, hearing and seeing. Mental application utilizes memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving. Frequent travel required in course of performing portions of job functions. Elements of the job pose various degrees of hazard uncertainty common to law enforcement.