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  • GENERAL PLAN UPDATE - OPEN HOUSEOver the past year and a half the Planning Commission has been working on updating the City’s General Plan.

    (The Roy City General Plan is an official document intended to help the public understand the broad planning goals for the City, and to assist City staff and decision makers as they evaluate future development and growth opportunities.)

    Updating the General Plan provides an opportunity for the citizens of Roy to take a look at the community, to determine what works or requires improvement, and to peer into the future and plan for anticipated change. 

    Please come help us in the last step.

    Please join us - Tuesday, August 24th 2021 from 6 to 8 pm at Bridge Academy - Multi-Purpose room [4824 S Midland Drive]

    Contact Roy City Planner Steve Parkinson with any questions at sparkinson@royutah.org or (801) 774-1027


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