Robert Dandoy

Mayor Dandoy

Robert Dandoy:
  • Roy City Assignments: City Beautification, Financial Audit Committee and Economic Development
  • Weber Area Council of Government Assignments (WACOG): 911/ Weber Consolidated Dispatch Seat 3, WACOG Transportation sub-Committee
  • Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) COG Appointed Seats: Regional Growth Committee (alternate), Wasatch Front Economic Development District (WFEDD)
  • Ogden/Weber Chamber- Legaslative Affairs
  • General Plan Steering Committee
Jan Burrell

Council Member Burrell

Jan Burrell:
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Arts Council Committee
  • Financial Audit Committee
  • Liaison to Fire Department
Bryon Saxton

Council Member Saxton

Bryon Saxton:
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Liaison to Parks & Recreation
  • General Plan Steering Committee
David Tafoya

Council Member Tafoya

Dave Tafoya:
  • Mayor Pro-tem
  • North Davis Sewer District
  • Liaison to Public Works
Karlene Yeoman

Council Member Yeoman

Karlene Yeoman:
  • Mosquito Abatement
  • Financial Audit Committee
  • Beautification Committee
  • 2019 Roy Days Council Chair
  • Liaison to Administration
Joe Paul

Council Member Paul

Joe Paul:
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Liaison to Police Department
  • Business Advisory Board