Storm Water

Storm Water Management Plan

In order to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and specifically with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II requirement, Roy City has developed a Storm Water Management Plan.

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We All Live Downstream

The City's storm sewer system is a series of pipes and other structural facilities that convey water away from potential flooding areas. This system is a separate collection and runoff system from the sanitary sewer system. The two are in no manner connected.

The system is maintained year-round to prevent flooding and water pollution within Roy City. Storm water flows into Howard's Slough to Meadow Creek Pond in Roy, then through Hooper, and finally into the Great Salt Lake. The water is not filtered, cleaned, or treated.

It is a Federal, State and Municipal offense to put anything other than normal storm runoff, with some exceptions, into a storm drain.

What Can Be Done to Keep Storm Water Clean?

  1. Do not dump chemicals, paint, oil, or cleaning fluids down storm drains. Follow the maxim, "If you can't drink it, don't dump it."
  2. Do not litter.
  3. Keep streets and water clean by putting trash in its place.
  4. Don't leave pet waste. Dog and cat waste causes bacteria in the storm drains.
  5. Keep storm gutters clean.
  6. Recycle used oil and antifreeze.

Report Illegal Discharges

To make inquiries or report illegal dumping or discharging of chemicals, oil, paint, or other pollutants in gutters or storm drains, call the Public Works Department at 801-774-1090. After the Public Works Department office hours, please contact 801-629-8221 (dispatch).