Police & Animal Services

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Mission Statement

Members of the Roy City Police Department are committed to excellence and integrity in law enforcement and dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our City. To protect the peaceful against the violent, ensure justice, safeguard lives and property, we serve with compassion, competency, and with a commitment to the constitutional safeguards afforded all people.
  1. Animal Services

    The Roy City Animal Services department operates within the City’s Police Department.

  2. Fingerprinting Information

    Find out more about the fingerprinting services available through the Roy City Police Department.

  3. Helpful Links & Information

    Check out some links to services, programs, and other information made available for your benefit by the Roy City Police Department.

  4. Portable Audio/Video Recorder Policy (PDF)

    Review the Roy City Police Department's policy regarding the use of portable audio/video recording devices.

  5. Units

    Gather more information about the divisions and units of the Roy City Police Department.

  6. Command Staff

  7. Officer Involved Critical Incident Protocol

    Officer Involved Critical Incident Protocol

  8. Securing Your Home

  1. Carl G. Merino

    Police Chief

  1. Code Red

    Code Red is an Emergency Notification System that will send calls to residents in Weber & Morgan Counties. Read on...
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