Open Burning

Open Burning Periods

The open burn period for Roy City and the lower valley is cancelled at this time.

The open burn period is reevaluated on a weekly basis, if the time frame changes this information will be updated to reflect the new dates. This time frame is determined by the Weber County Fire Marshall located within the Weber Fire District.

Open Burn Permits

Roy City Fire will no longer be issuing Open Burn Permits, as the state of Utah rules have changed. The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has completed a new program for the new open burn permit application.

The rules now require any person wanting to open burn during the spring a fall open burn windows to complete an open burn permit application on the Division of Air Quality website prior to burning or call the DAQ at 801-536-4000.


  • Materials that may be burned are of natural growth only, such as leaves, dry grass and tree trimmings.
  • No trash or dimensional lumber is allowed.
  • You must obtain a burn permit before you conduct any burning. 
  • The permit is good for three days if the clearing index is greater than 500.
  • If you plan to burn for more than three days, a new permit is required.
  • There is no cost for a permit, however burning without a permit can result in significant fine.

Obtaining Burn Permits

Checking Clearing Index

In addition to applying for a Burn Permit, the Air Quality Clearing Index must be above 500 in order to burn. To check the Clearing Index (CI), please access the Weather Service Forecast Office website. Roy City and the lower valley of Weber County are under Airshed 5.

More Information

Contact the Roy Fire Department at 801-774-1080, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. for more information.